Dreaming about the hand and its meaning

It is probably the part of the body that you use the most and through which you relate to others. The hand is in fact the first tool of human contact : through it you introduce yourself, you gesture in discussions (even the most lively ones!), you communicate with other individuals.

Shaking hands or raising your hand to greet a person are just one example of the many actions performed by this important part of the human body, which uses its own non-verbal language, “emphasizing” what is not spoken.

But the hand is also a tool for transformation , manipulation , organization of the surrounding space, creation of things and therefore useful and valuable.

This makes it a very recurring symbol in dream visions, whose meaning is found in creative activity , in concrete action, in work done and to be done .

And any gesture or feeling that accompanies the hand in a dream should not be neglected, because it allows for greater contextualization and therefore a better interpretation.

Dreaming the hand: the deep symbology

We have just seen the extreme importance of the hand, of this appendage of the human body, both in everyday reality and during dream activity. And this since ancient times: the right hand represented the “masculine side”, the mind, intellect, logic , while the left hand expressed the “feminine side”, the heart, instinct, sensuality . If what has been particularly imprinted in the dream is the hand itself, it means that greater incisiveness and clarity is necessary in the way of communicating and relating to others.

Dreaming of the hand is initially a positive sign, of good wishes : it is important, however, to bring to light the context in which it acts, the action it performs, in order to then make an adequate interpretation. As you can imagine, there are many scenarios related to dreaming the hand: we will deal with them in the next paragraph.

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Dreaming of the hand: the different interpretations

We discover below the main images related to dreaming of the hand and the different interpretations.

Dreaming of white, careful and agile hands is a metaphor for easy success, or to reach a professionally relevant position that requires no effort to advance.

To dream of small, knotty and fragile hands , on the contrary, symbolizes a period of deep personal frustration and dissatisfaction .

Dreaming of injured, mutilated or paralyzed hands represents loss of balance, weakness, insufficiency, but also an inability to communicate sexually . And again, a trauma remained particularly vivid in the dreamer’s mind.

Dreaming of cold hands means good health and friendship , and idleness for the less well off .

Dreaming of thin hands denotes fear of losing what you have .

Dreaming of washing your hands indicates suffering, concern , but also loyalty and magnitude .

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Dreaming with your hands in your pocket lends itself to a double interpretation . The former indicates little interest in a given speech or situation; the second, on the other hand, denotes security or not, depending on whether the thumb is outside or inside the pocket.

Dreaming with your hands on your face means anguish or shame .

Dreaming of hands on the belly is an indication of little interest in working , or very/less appetite .

Dreaming of dirty hands or covered in blood metaphorically represents the achievement of an action that does not reflect our “inner” feeling, or that can cause suffering .

Dreaming of Morse hands of an animal finally means that instinct prevents the dreamer from concentrating on the action .

Dreaming of the hand: the lot numbers

After discovering the dream symbolism of the hand, and the interpretation of the different contexts in which it manifests, here are the main numbers to play: 5 for the general hand , 59 for the right hand and 65 for the left hand .

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