Dreaming about tumor or cancer and its meaning

A very unsettling dream that can leave you feeling dismayed and scared when you wake up can be dreaming about having a tumor.

Dreaming of having cancer does not mean that you will be affected by the disease in real life, but this dream will be interpreted because it would mean that you are living a wrong lifestyle and that it could be harmful to those around us and to ourselves.

Leading wrong lifestyles can have strong repercussions on our subconscious that manifests itself in dreams, sending us messages that signal danger.

It is a symbol of disturbances that can appear in all areas of your life ; an employer that you can’t stand, a job that doesn’t satisfy you, a love that you live like a prison.

Cancer and tumors in dreams

The dream of a tumor is very disturbing and moving , it is strongly linked to the emotions and other aspects of life that you are living in the dream period and also connected to the organ in which you dream of having such evil.

The implicit meaning of cancer is within you and not outside, since this dream is related to your fears, it is something personal.

Dreaming of having a tumor does not mean that you really have it, but it could be a premonition of future events and no more.

Such a dream must be interpreted as a message that your inner being sends you; it could be a symbol of fear and dissatisfaction and does nothing more than reflect her state of mind.

Dream of clean and crystal clear water

Such a dream could be done in conjunction with the beginning of a period of depression, negativity and fear . For the correct interpretation it is important to remember the details well and where this disease manifests itself.


  • Dreaming of having lung cancer indicates that it is most likely that your inner being is sending you a message telling you that it is better to stop smoking; other times it may mean that you are afraid of smoking or you may show a feeling of suffocation due to a person or a situation that is not easy to deal with both emotionally and at work.
  • Dreaming of having stomach cancer can mean that something or someone harasses us, making us lose our appetite, in this case our interest. This dream is very important because, like the brain, the stomach is the point where all fears and tensions are concentrated.
  • Dreaming of having a brain tumor symbolizes a tedious phase of your life without stimuli with a lack of creativity and inventiveness; your subconscious asks you for a break because you have abused your mental abilities.
  • Dreaming of having breast cancer symbolizes a hypothetical loss of fertility and femininity; it no longer exists as in the past, youth is perceived only as a memory.
  • Dreaming of having a tumor in the uterus indicates the fear unleashed by the inner self of not being able to implement the projects that had been established or indicates the woman’s fear of not feeling capable of supporting a pregnancy.
  • Dreaming of having a tumor and being able to overcome it indicates that you were able to overcome a period of very high stress that had exhausted and weakened you; you got rid of an oppressive situation. This disease is found in the circle of friends, at work and once identified, it must be eliminated for the good of the interior.

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