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meaning of dreaming about turtles

If you are reading this article, it is because you want to know the secret of the meaning of dreaming about turtles and I am sure that since you are a very constant person in everything you do, you will see yourself reflected in what we tell you.

Turtles are reptiles that live in water or on land. They stand out mainly because they have a hard shell (from which the legs, head and tail come out), that they are very slow and that they live for many years ( a Galapagos tortoise is known to have lived 175 years ), if you are used to  dreaming of turtles , you will know what I am talking about.

Who has not had a small turtle in their house when they were a child?

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They reproduce by incubating eggs in nests that they dig themselves, their activity depends on the ambient temperature and like all reptiles they shed their skin, but unlike lizards and snakes, they shed very slowly.

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We all know that it is one of the slowest animals (along with the snail and the slug) and for this reason we have used expressions such as “you are slower than a turtle” from a very young age; which demonstrates the interpretations that our mind unconsciously maintains regarding this animal. Now, let’s not underestimate them for their parsimony, since they go slowly, but constant, sure and always arrive.

In addition, we must be careful when we take them in our hands or press their shell, because far from what it may seem, they have a lot of sensitivity in their frame , and any force that we can exert on that area hurts them a lot.

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    • 2.3 Turtles as a symbol of security
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A first idea that we get from the fact of dreaming of a turtle is that of patience and security . They move slowly, but they are clear about what they want and they reach their goal firmly. They are dreams that warn us that every effort has its reward, and that we must be persistent in our purposes because in the end whoever follows it gets it; And the key to success is tenacity and perseverance .

The meaning of dreaming of turtles constitutes and represents the return of values.

In life many times we are told that we have to be fast and be the first to many places, but for the turtles that doesn’t matter because they always arrive last, and they don’t care.

When we see a turtle we have the feeling that time does not advance and they have all the minutes and hours necessary to move forward on their way. This is another of the possible interpretations, and it reminds us that we should spend more time on what is really important in life and leave aside everything that is accessory or secondary . We have to appreciate every moment and enjoy it, making every second count as if it were the last of our lives.

The dreams of each individual are many times a connection with childhood ; that is, we unconsciously return to fears and fears and represent them in dreams. So when we dream of turtles and see the shell for what it is: a hard protection against the body of the reptile that is soft, we perceive a life situation where we feel observed by others or by someone in particular. We notice that we are commented on and criticized and we seek shelter and protection from the eyes that examine us.


If we dream that we find a dead turtle , it means freedom and leaving the family bed. We are older and responsible, we don’t need our parents because we want to live our lives and start being independent, so it’s about time we get our heads out of the shell and get to work.



Another interpretation of dreams with turtles is related to the longevity of these animals, because they live for many years and almost all of them reach a very old age. This concept makes sense, which is that we are in good health, heralding a long and happy life for the dreamer.


When we dream of a turtle in the sea, it is indicating that we have a very close friend or relative who feels abandoned. Someone we know is very lonely and helpless . These types of fantasies require a thorough analysis in order to know who the person is in that situation and therefore help them. It is good that when we wake up we write down the most relevant facts on a piece of paper to analyze them later.


People who regularly dream of turtles are usually people who have a lot of inner strength , who are brave, confident in their decisions and capable of defending themselves against any adversity. They enjoy courage and are very determined in general.


If the dream happens with one or several turtles surrounded by eggs or incubating them, we are facing a synonym of abundance in every way. That is to say, in the material and economic aspect, but also in the aspect of fertility and fecundity, wealth being represented in a clear and evident way.

Let’s not underestimate them because, although turtles are animals that go very slowly, this does not mean that they do not advance in their purposes and objectives. A clear example that they are slow but sure is the fable of the hare and the tortoise, in which the hare trusts in his victory and in the end loses the race.

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