Dreaming about Urine and Peeing. Meaning

Dreaming of urinating is a very common dream experience that everyone, at least once in their life, reports having done.

Whether it is a dream that simply interrupts a person’s sleep in a short time due to a real physiological need to go to the bathroom or that has to do with more complex interpretations, dreaming of pee and urine always has to do with something toxic and superfluous that it’s time to quit.

So let’s try to understand what it means to urinate and urine in dreams , what interpretation to give to the different possible dream images and what numbers to play if you want to win in the Lottery.

Dreaming of peeing in bed

A generalized dream experience, dreaming of urinating in your own bed should make the dreamer reflect on some unprocessed childhood emotion that drags on in adult life, increasingly conditioning their social relationships and in particular the intimate sphere

The bed represents in fact the most personal world and sharing the nuptial bed should draw the dreamer’s attention to some instinct or impulse that is repressing in the life of two.

dream of urineMeaning of dreaming of not being able to urinate

Another dream image that is often reported is that of the inability to urinate. Such a dream is often told by very insecure people who cannot fully express themselves in social life.

With this type of dream the unconscious tries to communicate this feeling of inadequacy so that it can finally be processed and resolved by opening more and without hesitation to the outside world.

Dreaming of urinating a lot

Dreaming of copious urination is typical of those who have repressed important emotions for too long and are finally able to get them out, just like urinating to rid the body of excess toxins.

Those who dream so much about urinating have probably reached a new level of consciousness and are no longer afraid to express themselves freely .

However, if the dream is recurrent, the dreamer must ask himself if behind this excess there is not an excessive need to make his voice heard.

Meaning of dreaming of urinating in public toilets

Very similar in meaning to the dream of not being able to urinate, dreaming of doing it inside public toilets further highlights the concept and the strongly emotional aspect of the situation. Those who dream of urinating in public toilets are constantly terrified of social relations because they fear that they will never be able to cope with situations and that they will not be worth enough.

Meaning of dreaming of painful urination

If in the dream you urinate with a strong feeling of pain, the dreamer is probably beginning to slowly express repressed emotions that have to do with anger or passion, “burning” feelings that manifest themselves visibly and gradually become more and more definitive.

Meaning of dreaming of urinating with relief

If, on the other hand, the dreamer reports having urinated with a deep sense of relief, the unconscious is probably communicating a happy resolution of some emotional blocks that had conditioned him in the past.

The feeling of liberation and relief that accompanies the act of urinating indicates that the dreamer is finally free of external conditioning, ready to react with renewed enthusiasm and let go of all those aspects of the past that can no longer be changed.

Urinate and urinate in dreams and their relationship with lottery numbers

According to the Kabbalah, dream urine and pee is usually associated with the number 8 . However, if you pee on the bed, the excerpt you need to target will become the number 75 while peeing on it is associated with 80 .

For those who dream of urinating in public, the advice is to mark 36 without finding a suitable place to urinate joins the number 21 .

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