Dreaming about war and its meaning

Dreaming of a war is never a pleasant dream experience for the dreamer who comes across this image. Whether it is a war that we are witnessing as mere spectators or actively participating in the conflict, dreaming of war denotes that some important conflicts are surfacing inside or outside of us and cannot be postponed any longer.

Through this file, far from being pleasant, the unconscious tries to open the dreamer’s eyes to something that he tries not to see and against which he could have a violent impact in the short term if the upstream problem is not seriously addressed.

Linked in the past to the superstition of future negative events, today in the interpretation of a dream of a war we prefer the idea of ​​the dreamer’s emotional conflict rather than the prediction of many other disasters.

Dreaming of war: aggression coming to the surface

If in everyday life the dreamer has a particularly taciturn and submissive character, inclined to obedience rather than asserting his own ideas and opinions, it is most likely that the dream of a war in which one is present or in which one is protagonist can indicate a repressed aggressiveness that exploits the dream channel to come to the surface and free itself from the reins of rationality.

Dreaming of war with continuous bombing

If in the dream of war the subject recognizes the bombardment as a significant element, it is very likely that the dreamer feels literally bombarded with judgments and responsibilities that are imposed on him in real life without being able to get rid of them.

In this case, therefore, the continuous shelling underlines the external intrusion of people who in various ways want to hit the dreamer and beat him.

Being bombarded, however, could refer not only to the people fighting the dreamer, but also to their personality, which is currently fighting with itself because completely opposite aspects of their character are struggling to emerge.

Dream of losing a loved one during the war

If the dreamer loses a loved one in the war, this could mean that in real life he is unable to emotionally separate himself from the dreamed person. In this sense, war is equivalent to physical death that inexorably separates and marks a clear border between before and after.

Those who dream of seeing an important person die in war will have to ask themselves about the type of relationship that exists with the subject in question and what could undermine their stability.

If it is the same dreamer who dies during the conflict, this could mean that you do not feel able to change a side of your personality that seems negative to you.

Dreaming of war: meaning by age

As we know, there are many factors that determine a correct interpretation of the dream that we have just had. One of them is, without a doubt, age. Being in this specific case a dream that clearly manifests the presence of an internal conflict or with the outside world, dreaming of war is for an adolescent the clear demonstration of what happens in the vast majority of cases of daily life: the the desire to fight “the adult world”, the desire to overwhelm someone who seems too bold or too strong or to win an argument without feeling that you are not yet old enough to have an opinion on certain issues.

Dreaming of war, then, the very young try to find their own direction and channel the enormous energies that such age brings with it.

If the dreamer of an armed conflict is instead an old man, this could refer to his vital force that feels asleep, especially if in real life the subject is fighting against some disease.

Dreaming of a war: the numbers to play in the Lottery

To try your luck in the Lottery by focusing on this dream, the extract number according to Kabbalah is 60. If the war is in the trenches, the number becomes 62.

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