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meaning of dreaming about wolves

When you read these lines, your intention will be to know the meaning of dreaming about wolvesYou will want to know many things but above all what it means to dream of wolves, why you have dreamed of wolves, how they can affect you in real life and how to interpret these dreams.

But before advancing anything, you have to analyze, differentiate and know if the animals you have seen in your dreams were real wolves, wild dogs or just angry dogs.

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  • 1 How to differentiate a dog from a wolf
  • 2 Meaning of dreaming of wolves, general interpretation
  • 3 Meaning of dreaming of wolves of different colors
  • 4 Psychological interpretation of dreams with wolves


The wolf is a close relative to the dog, but it is much more of a beast. They are animals that, at certain times, can interact with man but will hardly become domesticated because they are very restless and are in constant movement. We can say that the wolf is an animal that was born to be wild.

In the book5005 Dreams , a very clear interpretation of dreams is made. It is a highly recommended read if what you are looking for is to know the meaning of many of your dreams. I advise you to buy it.

During the story the wolf acts as a threat against man and his animals; being persecuted and hunted until it was almost extinct.

But today the wolf and its young increase in number in European countries and return to kill domestic animals as they did in the past, again constituting a danger to people who work or live in mountain areas.

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Be careful, because if what you have dreamed of is an animal physically smaller than a wolf, then what you have dreamed of may have been a coyote instead of a wolf!!



When the wolf appears in your dream, it often has a disturbing effect . As a general rule, dreams with wolves are related in their interpretation and analysis, with aggression, instinct and desire. These instincts can easily get out of control if not properly controlled. Usually dreams that involve worry are already in internal conflict with your impulses.

The wolf in the dream world is often a warning of an approaching danger, or of a person who hates us and wishes us ill. It could also be the case of “interested” friends or acquaintances who are not real friends at heart, and are around us like a wolf to a prey, waiting for it to fall to take advantage of it.

If during the dream, we repeatedly hear the wolf howling, it represents a conspiracy around us that is happening in real life. We must not trust those around us, we must be cautious and we must be attentive to someone who can betray us as Judas betrayed Jesus .

In dreams where we see a lamb devoured by a wolf, it means that some innocent around us is suffering. Some person we see often is having a bad time and we don’t realize it. We must be more observant and try to find out who it is and the reason why it happens.


Dreams with wolves, like many other dreams, can have different interpretations depending on the species and especially the color of the animal that appears in the fantasies.

For example, if we imagine a white wolf represents honesty and nobility, the dreamer is a person who is consistent with himself and with others and keeps his word until the last moment. He lives up to the saying “one man one word”.

On the contrary, if the wolf is dark or black , we are facing a dream that reveals a hidden identity in the dreamer. We can talk about people with dual personalities or who show a certain bipolarity. It is advisable to visit a specialist to help us see why this happens and guide us.

When it comes to black wolves in a pack , we are faced with premonitory dreams of a health crisis. We have to take more care of ourselves because our body begins to suffer over the years and tells us that certain foods or drinks in excess bother it. If we are smokers we must stop smoking soon. Maybe it’s time to start doing some sport daily.

Sometimes we see brown or brown wolves in dreams ; which symbolize the need for tenderness and affection. It not only means that the dreamer needs it, but also someone around us. We have to observe and be cautious, in order to be able to give each one what he needs and what he asks of us.


The psychological study of dreams with wolves interprets the wolf as a symbol of recklessness and aggressiveness . The wolf embodies the most voracious instincts of each person, giving rise to a tension in our minds, or even as we mentioned before, the development of a personality different from the one we demonstrate on a daily basis.

Sometimes a certain person is represented by the wolf in the wake of dreams. This person can take advantage of dreams and investigate his environment to find false friends or what is said “wolf in sheep’s clothing”.

In the interpretation of spiritual dreams, the wolf is interpreted as an indomitable element existing in man, a wild interior that reflects the most authentic instincts.

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