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dreaming about worms and its meaning?

Dreaming worms in the world of dream interpretation are seen as the expression of feelings of rejection, disgust and envy .

The worm can be symbolically linked to thoughts that torment the dreamer or to people whose behavior is servile or slimy .

When it is not directed at the people around us, the worm can easily be associated with ourselves and the dream suggests us to look within ourselves because we are probably not living according to correct ethics and correct values.


Generally dreams are reconnected to some main meanings that can be:

  1. children , because if the dreamer is pregnant, the worm expresses the idea of ​​the child;
  2. the beginning , since the worm can present itself in a dream in the form of a larva and can sometimes be generated by death;
  3. awkward situations that you want to get rid of;
  4. death or despair when the worms consume from within;
  5. weaknesses , being an invertebrate animal and therefore easily vulnerable, dreaming of a worm can suggest that you are tired and moved mentally and physically;
  6. masculine sexual symbol and in a broader sense may want to symbolize masculine gender or physical vigor.
For Artemidorus , dreaming of worms was a bad omen because it indicated physical discomfort and unpleasant thoughts; Dreaming of getting rid of the worms symbolized getting rid of the people who conspired behind your back.


  • Dreaming of seeing huge worms indicates that you are prone to exaggerating seeing bigger problems than they really are.
  • Dreaming of hairy worms means that the problems and worries that affect us are degenerating and can probably only get worse.
  • Dreaming of seeing slimy worms can mean that you are facing unpleasant but minor problems that if faced in time can be easily resolved by returning everything to normal.


  • Dreaming of crushing a worm indicates that you will be able to free yourself from something that worries you and that will allow you to avoid so many problems; it can also indicate that you will feel hostility towards a person of the male sex.
  • Dreaming of eating worms symbolizes that you may have intestinal problems or that you will be forced to do something against your will.
  • Dreaming of vomiting worms shows that you are getting rid of something unpleasant that gave you the torment and that you can no longer bear.
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  • Dreaming of being covered in worms indicates that you are limited in your actions.
  • Dreaming of having a head full of worms shows that your impediments and restrictions are rational, you are probably worried about something.
  • Dreaming of having worms under your skin indicates that you are dealing with something that is bothering you but that you cannot get rid of.
  • Dreaming of seeing worms in food is a clear message of mortification of your natural desires.
  • To dream that your house is invaded by worms means that you are experiencing a very stressful period full of thoughts and worries or that in real life you suffer from the intrusion of people who are bothersome and annoying.
  • Dreaming of seeing worms in bed symbolizes that your sexual life is in danger due to slander and bad thoughts.
  • Dreaming of feeling disgusted by seeing worms crawling means that you will have to pay attention to someone close to you as they will behave unfairly.

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