Meaning of dreaming about your crush

What does it mean to dream of your crush?

It does not portend negative things, nor is it premonitory of something bad or good. Dreaming of your crush expresses the romantic, the erotic, when love is reciprocated by someone unattainable. However, it can turn into a nightmare if you feel the indifference or rejection of who you have fallen in love with. You must analyze these dreams with balance, if the results are positive, it does not indicate that the same thing will happen in the real plane.

What does it mean to dream of kissing your crush?

It suggests that you assume a more courageous behavior in front of life. Dreaming of your crush and that you are kissing him encourages you to unleash your tastes and passions. You have to dare to do things that you have never done. If you feel a desire for something or someone, do not hold back the opinion of others when taking it. Although the dream is not telling you to live in debauchery, it does mean that you take on new challenges.

dream with your crush

What would indicate dreaming of your crush that rejects you?

Maybe you try to kiss your crush and he somehow dodges you, preventing you from doing so. Dreaming of your crush and that it rejects you tells you that someone is not going to accept you. You must be prepared on the loving plane. You may receive a negative response, to the extent that they no longer want to know more about you. You will soon have to test your stamina in the face of frustration.

Dreaming that you write a letter to your crush?

Dreaming of your crush in this context describes your desire to let him know how you feel about him. It indicates that doubts, fear or uncertainty have taken over you. The very idea of ​​expressing your feelings paralyzes you and the fear of possible rejection prevents you from expressing what you feel.

What does it mean to dream of your famous crush?

He is describing the qualities that stand out the most in you. This dream is transmitting to us that you are a determined person and very sure of yourself. You feel capable of carrying out all your projects without doubting what you are capable of doing. Also, it confirms that we have a natural gift to attract others by our presence, our words and our way of being.

What interpretation does dreaming of calling your crush have?

He is describing that you must face some situations with determination and courage. Dreaming of your crush in this area warns you that cowardice can make you miss out on excellent opportunities. Assuming a very passive position in love does not suit you, especially if what you feel about your crush is authentic and true. This dream encourages you not to rest on your laurels, but to dare to express your emotions.

What does it mean to dream of your crush making love?

It means that you must control yourself, that you look for some relief or channel those sexual desires in some way. Dreaming of your crush in an erotic activity is not in itself something bad or has some negative connotation. However, excessive repetition of this kind of dream can be interpreted as a sign that your passions are overflowing.

What is the meaning of dreaming about your childhood crush?

Here emphasis is placed on the need to recreate our love life anew. Dreaming of your childhood crush takes you back to the past and reminds you of your love experiences. It forces you to take stock of how you have done with your previous partners. In addition, it invites you to reflect on the mistakes you made. This dreamlike experience will help you to be more prepared to enter into future romantic relationships so that they are more lasting and stable.

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