Dreaming of a white coffin

When dreaming of a white coffin, we must not lose calm, since many dreams that can scare us because of their content, seeming to be bad, end up portending positive things for our life.

A white coffin in the dream symbolizes problems, business, opportunities, our attitude and mysterious events that we will experience. Also a white coffin shows that the person who dreams has a very strong character.

Dreaming of a white coffin

Seeing a living person inside a white coffin indicates that we will begin to change our bad habits. If the white coffin is on a grave, it shows that our frustration and anxiety will get out of control. We have to focus on what is really important in our life and seek therapy that helps us control our emotions.

Meaning of dreaming of a white baby coffin

Seeing a white baby coffin represents something of our personality that we need to change as soon as possible. If we continue to act in such a contemptuous, capricious or aggressive way, we will end up being alone. Little by little people will move away from us. If we see our son inside a white baby coffin, although this dream scares us a lot, it is actually very positive. It predicts a long life full of great health. If we see a child inside the coffin, it alerts us to our health. We must be attentive to the signals that our body gives us. But the meaning of this dream totally changes if the baby inside is calm, happy or looks happy. In this case it augurs that our dreams will come true.

Nightmare with a white coffin

When our dream with a white coffin ends up turning into a nightmare, it augurs that soon we will receive bad news, this will leave us very sad. Also when this dream turns into a nightmare it indicates that there are people around us who instead of making us move forward in our life, they hold us back with our dreams and goals. We have to surround ourselves with people who add, and do not subtract, to our life. Only in this way will we achieve our goals.

See we build one

If we see ourselves building a white coffin, it predicts that we will soon have to work very hard to achieve our dreams. If we are hammering the white coffin, it shows us that we will have a great scare.

Dreaming of a white coffin that we buy

It shows that a stage in our life will begin where there will be much prosperity and harmony. If we buy a white coffin and put it open in a well, it augurs that we will have to be very careful with what we do. We could live a tragic moment.

If we see someone known within one

It indicates that the problems we have in real life will be solved little by little. If the one we see inside the coffin is the son of someone we know in real life, it reminds us that we have to be more relaxed in life and bring out our inner child to be happier.

Dreaming of a white coffin that is open

Represents our feelings. It shows that we have our emotions under control, and we have achieved this thanks to the fact that we have managed to recognize that we are solely responsible for them. This dream may also be heralding new possibilities that are about to come into our lives. We have to be vigilant to take advantage of them.

Meaning of dreaming of a closed white coffin

When in the dream the coffin is closed, it shows that we will have a great loss, that it will hurt us a lot. Also this dream means that there is a person, who we love very much, who has moved away from us and we miss him. Likewise, this dream may be predicting a business collapse, due to bad decisions that we will make.

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