Dreaming of Coins

We are going to review of the Dreaming of Coins with a deposit are usually indicators that a gift will be received or given that will be expensive.

Dreaming of Coins:

A very high price will be paid for the purchase or acquisition of an object, from which regrets will later be born .

In dreams where we pay a deposit or advance a purchase, it is necessary to take into account what type of emotions are generated. In case of feeling discomfort, it indicates that we feel indecisive about some situations in our real life, but if in the dream we are satisfied and the feeling is pleasant, it suggests that we are able to acquire important obligations, and that we have made positive progress in terms of our sense of responsibility.

The earnest is also thirteen coins that are given in marriage as a symbol of trust, and oniric level they are related to our capacity to deliver and trust.

If in the dream there are some kind of problems with the marriage deposit, it suggests that it is prudent to avoid giving total confidence to new people in our life, as they can hurt us. In this dream, the metal from which the coins are made will also be an important factor to take into account.

dream of coins

It also signifies immense success that is going to happen in one’s life, perhaps in terms of success at work by getting a promotion or even a raise or success in school or college by getting great grades that are above of the required level.

The interpretation of the dream can be different depending on the number of coins represented in the dream.

In your dream you may have seen

  • Gold Coins – Immense success is predicted in your workplace which can bring one a lot of money.
  • Salary increase in the dream – a promotion in real life, therefore more earnings.
  • Silver coins: symbolize spiritual improvement in your life. You can grow spiritually and reach a high level in the spirit world compared to your current level.
  • Copper coins – means that you will get physical and mental healing. Perhaps you have been struggling with an illness or this has caused you stress or mental issues that require healing. If you dream of copper coins, then you are receiving healing from the spirit world.

Seeing many coins of various types in a large stack can mean that you can gain power in the form of a position or just physical power. The group of coins symbolizes authority.

Coins thrown into a river or wishing well can be interpreted as decisions and mistakes in life. It can also symbolize contemplation on a given crucial description.

A fake coin symbolizes that one may suffer from a particular infection.

The detailed interpretation of dreams

Coins in a dream are known to have a connection to the health and wealth of the person who has it. If the material of the coin is not the traditional one (silver, gold or copper) and it is made of different materials or various methods, then this dream is in connection with trying to make it in life. Each currency has its own interpretation that can be slightly different from the other.

We have established that the interpretation of the dream can be different depending on the type of coin, the amount of the coin and the position of the coin as illustrated above. Coins can also be represented in your dream negatively to signify some irrational thoughts or behaviors that can lead you to have some loss whether financial, economic or even emotional.

Coin in a dream can also be a suggestion for one to change their habits. This person is thinking of having a good time in life. Money is likely to bring joy into their lives. It may suggest that you should change your way of life, get rid of bad habits in order to have a good, prosperous and happy life.

Coins in a dream are known to relate to the health and wealth of the person who has it. If one has a coin made of different materials or various coins, then this means that he may fear loss of financial satiety.

Seeing an old coin in a dream indicates an “old goal” that needs to be achieved.

Feelings you may have encountered during a coin dream

Happiness, anticipation of gain, success, irrational thoughts, and fear of loss.

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