Dreaming Ermine

What does it mean to dream of an ermine?

Dreaming of an ermine symbolizes success, honor and wealth. This dream can also represent an interesting beginning of a new loyal friendship.

What does it mean to dream of ermine skins?

A dream in which you are wearing ermine skins symbolizes wealth, luxury or greed. Either this dream indicates that you are ruthless and ruthless or that you behave in a slightly antisocial way.

What does a dream mean in which others are wearing ermine skins?

A dream in which others wear ermine skins represents their associations with rich people. This dream can also represent people who are annoying, unpleasant or antisocial to you.

Dreaming of Ermine: Ermine has traditionally been related to cunning , and it should be remembered that its fur was appreciated by royalty to dress it in their capes , which is why its presence in dreams symbolizes admiration and respect.

Dreaming of the fur of an ermine announces the arrival of success and fulfillment. This dream brings with it good omens, as is the fact of receiving honors, distinctions. Do not forget that with this comes envy, jealousy and betrayal .

Dreaming someone else dressed with skins of ermine indicates that she awakens in us feelings of respect and admiration, however, it is also necessary to analyze our emotions in the dream. If they are unpleasant it is a sign of envy and jealousy for the social position of other people, if they are pleasant it reflects our honesty and goodness.

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