Dreaming of wasps on the body

On many occasions, when dreaming of wasps in the body, we wake up very intrigued, since these insects usually hurt us when they bite us.

But this type of dream is usually very favorable for us, since it gives us important signals for our life. Wasps in the dream symbolize the defeats and victories of our life.

Dreaming of wasps on the body

Having many wasps in the body and seeing that we do not feel fear, augurs good news and many changes in the workplace. It may be that we change jobs or start with very different businesses than we have been doing. If the wasps we have on our bodies are very large, it shows that people have a lot of respect for us. When the wasps that are in our body are small, it shows that our hopes are in vain. Killing the wasps that we have in the body, means that senseless family quarrels will start. Being inside our house and a wasp lands on us, augurs success in business and projects.

See a wasp in your hand

This dream alerts us to a person who is very jealous of us for all that we have achieved, and for seeing us happy. We must be careful with the people around us, and protect ourselves from people we do not know well. If we have the wasp in the palm of our hand, it predicts a great romantic date. But if the wasp is on our finger, it signals that our relationship will fail. For singles this dream means that it will be very difficult for them to find the right person.

Dream in which we have a wasp in our ear

It indicates that we feel exhausted and urgently need a break. Maybe it is good to think about a little vacation to recharge.

Dreaming of wasps in the body that are in the navel

It shows that something unexpected will cause us to have to interrupt our plans for a while.

Have the wasp on your nose

Alert about a fight in which we will be involved. We must control our temperament.

That a wasp stings us on the back

It points out that no matter what happens, we must always stay honest to achieve our goals.

See her in her hair

Seeing that we have a wasp in our hair augurs that we will have a very important meeting where we will achieve great things.

If the wasp is on the forehead

It portends that a gossip will create misunderstandings in the family. We must not fall for the networks of people who create false gossip, only to destroy our family.

Wasp is in the eyes

It indicates that we will betray someone, and we will tell a secret that someone had entrusted to us.

See cat that has a body full of wasps

It augurs that we will have a very special gift, which will fill us with joy and hope again.

Dreaming of wasps on the body that are white in color

It augurs that we will take a break with the family, and we will enjoy them very much.

Red wasps on the body

If the color of the wasps that we have in our body is red, then we will receive an invitation for a good holiday.

If they are black

It is a very prosperous dream, since it announces the end of problems and the beginning of a very good stage for our life.

Meaning of dreaming of wasps in the body of a dead

This dream calls us to attention, so that we are attentive to possible accidents.

Have wild wasps on the body

This dream, despite what it projects, is very positive, because it predicts an increase in economic income.

Dreaming of flying wasps that alight on the body

He predicts that a new source of income will soon appear for our family, which will bring a lot of calm and happiness.

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