Dreaming of witches flying

Usually when dreaming of witches flying, you are showing work problems, health, difficult situations within the family, disappointments, failures and anguish that eat away at us.

Flying witches also symbolize envy, deception, evil and humiliation. But dreams in which we see witches fly are not always bad, since depending on the plot of the dream, it can give us an encouraging and prosperous message.

Dreaming of witches flying

A dream where we see witches flying portends troubles and disappointments in the family. Seeing a witch flying above our head, predicts many problems at work. These problems will be generated by our coldness and lack of concentration. To avoid them, we must think before making important decisions that can affect our future. If we are flying with a witch, it indicates that we will start a very crazy adventure, which will end up being very humiliating for us and we will end up disappointed in our bad decisions.

When we see that the flying witch is old, it predicts many health problems that we will have to face. This dream also means that we will experience something that will be unreal. But if we see that he is young, he predicts great surprises, full of joys that await us. When in the dream we are the witch who flies, it indicates that everything will get out of control and we will have no one to turn to for immediate help. To be sleeping and a witch flying over us awakens us, predicts scandals. If we see them flying in the forest, it signals that we must move on, because there is no turning back.

A witch who gathers herbs and flies off shows that we are totally indifferent people, both good and bad. If the flying witch tries to charm us, it represents a person who is very much in love with us and does not know how to control his jealousy, even the fact of being able to hurt us.

Killing flying witches in the dream

Being able to kill the witches that we see flying in our dream means that thanks to ending a toxic relationship with an evil and very envious person, our life will start to get better and better, until we achieve the dream of success. Fighting with the witch who is flying to knock her down, means that we will defeat our enemy and everything will start to turn out well for us.

Meaning of dreaming of flying witches that enchant us

If he manages to cast a spell on us or casts spells on us, it is a bad omen. It shows that businesses will start to fail. It also augurs that our family will begin to argue more than normal, until they get away from each other.

See witches flyings on broomsticks

If the flying witch throws a broom at us, it represents our dangerous passions. If we don’t stop now, they will end up seriously harming us. If your broom catches our attention, it shows that we will make a wrong decision that will change our lives for the worse. Seeing that the witch who flies on the broom throws stones at us, alerts us to envious people who are trying to harm us. When the witch flying by on the broom is crying, it portends much sadness.

Dreaming of witches flying that scare us

Feeling fear when seeing them fly over us indicates that an adventure will mark our lives permanently. Also this dream indicates that we will discover a secret of someone in the family that will disappoint us. If due to the fear we feel, when we see the witch flying, we start to cry, then it shows that we will go through a very great depression and sadness. The best thing is that we ask for help to quickly get out of that state of mind. Feeling very afraid because the witches are flying and approaching us, predicts a deterioration of our work.

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