Dreams about flooded roads

Dreaming of streets flooded with water represents our inner fears. Those fears can be due to obligations, fear of making a decision, making mistakes, or we are simply waiting for the answer about something in our life. Whenever we have this dream, we must pay attention to the small details, for a good interpretation.

When we see that the streets are flooded during the dream, it tells us that we should start working on our emotions. In this way we will prevent them from getting out of control and we end up becoming pessimistic, bitter and neurotic people.

Dream of streets flooded with water

Being on a street flooded with water, with many people around us, indicates that we will become the center of attention at an important event. A flooded street, which comes from the overflow of a river, predicts business losses or failed projects. Flooded streets with water and debris predict health problems.

Standing in a street, and suddenly it floods, indicates that strong feelings can take over us from one moment to another. We must work to know how to handle our feelings without ending up losing control. When there is a storm and it begins to flood the streets, it alerts us to people around us who wish us harm. We must pay attention to our surroundings to detect these false friendships.

Seeing that the streets are flooded with water, but it is a sunny day, indicates that our business will give great profits and we will feel that all the effort is worth it. When we see that the flood of water in the streets begins to subside, it points out that we must get away from bad friendships if we want to get ahead and fulfill our dreams.

Swimming in a flooded street means that we will recognize our mistakes and regret our bad actions. Running down a street full of water indicates that we have to know how to stay calm so as not to lose control.

flood in the street

Seeing all the streets flooded predicts that we are about to face something that could turn into a disaster if we do not make good decisions. If we try to go through the flood in the street and the water washes us away, it indicates that something will go wrong that will make us feel hopeless.

Dream of streets flooded with dirty water

When the streets are flooded with dirty water, it alerts us to a misfortune in the family. Seeing people being washed away in a street flooded with dirty water portends sadness and hopelessness. We will feel that everything is in vain, we must rely on people who help us get ahead.

Seeing that the street is flooded with dirty water, and it begins to enter our house, indicates that we will soon be involved in serious economic problems, with debts that we will not know how to face.

If the flood is with clean water

When we have a dream where we see the streets that are flooded with clean water, it is very positive. Announce peace and prosperity in our lives. If the clean water from the street flood gets our feet wet, it predicts that we will receive money unexpectedly. If the street is flooded and clean water begins to enter our house, it portends very good economic income.

Being stuck in a flooded street

Feeling that the whole street is flooded with water, and seeing that we cannot get out, indicates that we will be forced to stop all the plans we have made. This is due to situations that are out of our control. Being trapped in a flooded street and feeling the water up to our necks shows that we will do everything in our power to have a better well-being.

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