An owl is a bird of the night that is associated with wisdom and magic. When an owl appears to you in a dream or otherwise in your life it may indicate that you are desiring more knowledge or greater wisdom regarding a specific situation.

What does it mean to dream of an owl?

Owls are commonly associated with wisdom, intuition, and our connection to the spirit world. As a spirit animal, owls are often here to guide us to our full knowledge of consciousness and wisdom. Owls are nocturnal creatures of the night, so this is also another thing to think about when you dream of an owl.

Do you spend a lot of time awake at night? Are you attracted to being a night owl? Are there any night owls in your life that can be represented by an owl in a dream? All of these things are important factors to consider.

Common meanings of dreaming about owls

  • Dreaming of seeing a large perched owl: This could symbolize that your subconscious is telling you that you have a heightened sense of wisdom or insight in an area of ​​life.
  • Dreaming of seeing an owl attacking you: Owls are birds of prey . If you dream that an owl is attacking you, this indicates that you may feel attacked in some way during your waking life. It can also indicate that you are approaching a major transition in waking life.
  • Dreaming of seeing a dead owl: This suggests that your waking self is out of sync with your subconscious and that you need to take steps to achieve greater self-awareness.

Questions to ask yourself:

How did you feel after this dream? Is there an area of ​​your life where you are looking for more knowledge and wisdom? Do you feel attacked in any aspect of your life?

Another thing to think about is the type of owl you see in the dream. Was it a snow owl? A barn owl? Was there any significant color present in the dream?

Dreaming of owls is related to gossip, with envy, with enemies, that is, with those who try to harm you, speak ill of you, those who envy you and want what you have.

On the other hand, dreaming of owls is also related to receiving bad news, they are often a harbinger of bad omens.

However, you have to analyze the nuances of the dream well in order to decipher the real meaning.

Dream of white owls

If you dream of white owls it means that those who envy you, who gossip about you or who rejoice at your evils will not see their wish come true since you will always be victorious, you will achieve your goals and leave them behind.

Dream of black owls

When you dream of black owls, it means that you have powerful enemies around you, malicious people who seek your evil, who criticize you, air your secrets, manipulate other people against you or fiercely stand in your way. You must take care of that or those people.

Dream about owls of different colors

If you dream of owls of different shades or colors it means that someone around you may be from work, family or your social circle or close environment is plotting something against you, is currently hatching a plan to harm you in one way or another. .

This dream is a clear warning for you.

Dream of little owls

Dreaming of small owls symbolizes your strength in the face of enemies, in the face of obstacles that you may find on your way.

At the same time, dreaming of small owls reflects your wisdom, your poise, your intelligent way of managing the most complex situations.

Dream about big owls

On the contrary, dreaming of large, giant owls reflects your weakness against enemies, people who try to harm you or want to see you badly. You may feel insignificant in front of those people or the dangers that surround you, which causes insecurities of all kinds. It also hinders your ability to resolve, act or make decisions.

Dream of owls in a tree

Dreaming of owls in a tree is the omen of bad news, possibly related to important matters or that you are pending, such as a project, a judicial resolution, a professional proposal…

Dream of owls in your house

Dreaming of owls inside your house means that in the closest family environment there is someone who is hurting you, harming you or making you unhappy.

This dream usually manifests itself when you are experiencing family problems, when you are a victim of manipulation or when you have to put up with a painful situation.

Dream of owls hunting

If you dream of owls hunting other animals, it means that you have been or are being a victim of someone who abuses their power over you, who manipulates you, blackmails you or dominates you.

Dream of dead owls

  • If you dream of dead owls , it means that the evil tongues, the bad intentions and the bad arts of your enemies will not be able to harm you because you will finally win, you will be triumphant.
  • If you dream that you kill an owl , it means that you will end up putting an end to the evil of your enemies.
  • If you dream that you see how an owl is killed, this dream can be a warning, in this case for you, you must be careful with what you say, do or decide in relation to other people that you may be harming.

Dream of owls attacking you

To dream that owls attack you means that you are in some imminent danger due to the actions of one or more people against you. This dream tries to put you on alert so that you can react or take action.

Dream of owls flying

Dreaming of owls flying above you, flying in the sky is the omen of bad news that has to do with a death or a problem that alters your plans or your life.

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