Dreaming of a white ship

Dreaming of a white ship symbolizes our current finances, our emotions and how we handle them.

In order to better achieve an interpretation of the dream with a white ship, we must try to remember every detail and how we felt during the dream, for example what the water looked like, if it was broken or was it new, if there were people on board or was there. drift.

Dreaming of a white ship

Seeing a white ship sailing in clear waters is a good omen, as it predicts a range of possibilities, all of which will be very positive. A white ship in an ocean signals that we will have better economic gains than expected. If the white boat is ours, then it indicates that our well-being will grow and we will feel happy about the stability achieved.

Boarding a white ship bodes well, as it heralds a new stage full of successes. Dreaming that we moored a white boat, predicts a lot of happiness to come into our life. Being in a storm aboard a white boat, and feeling it shake, indicates that there will be a lot of upset and fights in the family.

Sail white boat

When we are sailing on a white boat and we feel happy, enjoying ourselves, it augurs economic security. Also having a good time while sailing on a white boat shows the way we are managing our emotions. Observing the water that surrounds us, while we are sailing in a white boat, indicates that we will have an important event that will open many opportunities for us.

If we see that it sinks or capsizes

This is a very negative dream, it alerts us to bad deals that will cause us to lose a lot of money or goods. We have to be cautious when making decisions when they involve money. If we sink together with the white ship, this dream is giving us a warning of danger.

Dreaming of a white ship adrift

If we are not worried about seeing the white ship adrift, then it shows that we are going through a period of great relaxation. But if we feel worried, or anxious, to see that the ship is just adrift, it signals that we must focus on solving the economic problems that we have.

See you have lights in your dream

When we see that the white ship has the lights on, it suggests that we should not make so much trouble about things, since they will take the right course in our life and everything will end up going well.

White sailing ship in the dream

It means that we will be very lucky in love, we will meet the right person for us and we will be very happy. But if this dream is had by someone who in real life has a partner, then it predicts a lot of love and understanding in the relationship.

If the ship sails on a river

This dream is a bad omen, because it announces failures to us in all contexts of our life. Times full of hopelessness and difficulties are coming. Seeing that the white boat is going down a shallow river shows that we will take very reckless measures without thinking, which will bring us a lot of headaches.

Dreaming of a damaged or old white ship

Seeing in the dream a broken or unpainted boat, predicts serious economic problems, caused by the financial risks that we will take.

That the ship is in dirty waters

If the white ship is sailing over dirty or turbulent waters, it augurs that the calm we are experiencing will soon end. We must be prepared for what arises, and thus be able to control our emotions. If we are sailing the white ship and fall into the dirty waters, let us expect business failures.

Meaning of dreaming of a white rowing boat

Seeing that the white boat is paddled, it is a good sign that we will meet great people and enjoy their company very much. Going in a white rowing boat shows that we will be very lucky in love.

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