Dreams of Abandonment

Meaning of Dreaming of Abandonment

If a young woman dreams that she is leaving her home or her relatives, or her job or business , it symbolizes that she is uncomfortable in the environment in which she lives, for which she longs for a change. Dreams of Abandonment

It also hints at various problems, including love life.

Dreaming of being abandoned indicates that there will be difficulties in planning a successful future, due to a certain distrust in others.

Dreaming of abandoning other people suggests that you are about to face conditions and limitations that are difficult to overcome.

Dreaming of leaving your home indicates that family or money misfortunes are approaching , as well as being exposed to suffering losses due to the intervention of people of bad faith.

Dreaming of abandoning your girlfriend, boyfriend or lover indicates that you will suffer economic losses and various values ​​such as personal affections, friends, business, etc.

Dreaming of abandoning your spouse suggests that you will receive surprising news such as an inheritance , although this does not always imply possessing money or wealth , since debts or responsibilities can also be inherited .

If what is abandoned is the religion that is professed, it indicates disloyalty to oneself for which there will be suffering and remorse for having affronted the faith of other people who may be able to exercise revenge .

Dreaming of abandoning children indicates that there will be setbacks and losses due to the lack of serenity when judging the issues that are being handled and making decisions without thinking about them. Dreams of Abandonment

Dreaming of abandoning your own businesses indicates that calamities and problems are approaching that can lead to misery due to lawsuits .

Dreaming of a relative or friend aboard an abandoned and anchored ship indicates that complications in business or social relationships are approaching. Dreams of Abandonment

In the event that the person on the boat somehow escapes and finally reaches the mainland, it indicates that despite the problems that arise, he will be well off and in case of losses, these will not be considerable.

Dreaming abandoned in an unknown place or place indicates that moral penalties will be presented for ingratitude or resentments, resentments, etc. Dreams of Abandonment

There are several possible interpretations of abandonment in dreams. The first interpretation relates to the idea of ​​being able to completely drop everything – an unrestricted existence – this interpretation relates to the Dionysian concept of abandoning sanity for fun , of entering a state of ecstasy, an altered state of the senses. Dreams of Abandonment

The second meaning has a more negative connotation and has to do with a sense of loss and deprivation. From a spiritual perspective, there may be a result of the anxiety of separation start a baby can suffer birth and realize that it is no longer in the safe environment of the womb.

As we progress spiritually, it may be a strong feeling, abandonment, or loss of something important, perhaps our relationship with the divine. Dreams can often help us reconnect with ourselves. Being abandoned within a dream, that is to say without restrictions, can mean that we are looking for freedom or we have the feeling of being forced in some way. We seek the freedom to be ourselves. Dreams of Abandonment

Similar to the feeling of being rejected, the feeling of abandonment represents the way we experience being unloved or not fitting in with a group or with others when we are young. This sensation can occur as a result of trauma. For example, a person hospitalized during childhood, may have recurring dreams of abandonment in old adult and could have trouble formulating plans that will ensure future success. These dreams rarely produce a feeling of closure, of the end of one stage and the beginning of a better one, but they do tend to give us the feeling that we have unfinished business unfinished. When we ourselves abandon something in dreams, it usually indicates We are aware that we no longer need any particular way of thinking or acting and therefore we can abandon it. Dreams of Abandonment

The first and most important relationship of a child is with his mother , so being abandoned in a dream will have slightly different connotations if the dreamer is a man or a woman. For both, however, the dream often indicates self-confidence issues.

The pain at the loss of a member of the family or someone loved can cause dreams of abandonment, and has the potential to bring up unresolved conflicts first. Dreams of Abandonment

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