Dreams of Abuse

Meaning of Dreaming about Abuse

To dream of abuse suggests that your sense of effectively being has been violated and that your perception’s in life could also be questioned. Dreams of Abuse

Abuse supposes a position of superiority over other people, which can be generated by lack of scruples.

Dreaming of abuse usually hints that the sense of justice has been broken. Dreams of Abuse

Dreams in which we witness abuse, without being victims of it, must be interpreted depending on the emotions that arise in the dream. In case the feelings are unpleasant it implies that our sense of justice is clear and we dislike seeing that the people around us are victims of injustice. Dreams of Abuse

If we allow abuse in the dream, it is a sign that in real life we ​​are often indolent to the needs of others.

To dream that we abuse the trust of friends or family can be an indication that we are actually taking advantage of the goodness and nobility of the people around us. This dream can also be generated by feelings of resentment and revenge . 

Dreaming that we are victims of abuse implies that in real life we ​​find ourselves dissatisfied with the assessment that some people make of our performance.

Some authors affirm that physical abuse in daily life is usually represented in dreams through nightmares with images of terror, persecution and fear , while emotional abuse does so through violent dreams or with images of brutality.

To dream that we abuse the trust of a friend warns of the need to pay more attention to our business and be more astute when entering into partnerships or agreements with money involved.

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