Dreams of Despondency

Meaning of Dreaming of Dejection

This dream usually indicates weakness, lack of character. It means that you should not be discouraged by reversals of fortune and that they are overcome with diligence.

In some cases, dreams where we feel dejected can mean that, despite having obtained a distinction or recognition, either professionally or socially, internally we feel that we do not deserve it, and that more than satisfaction generates shame .

It is advisable to try a little more in our work or affective relationships to avoid significant losses.

Dreaming depressed or depressed is usually an announcement of unpleasant situations on an emotional level. These types of feelings can be linked to frustrations or failures that have occurred in real life. It is necessary to evaluate our behavior and seek solutions to the problems that afflict us.

Dreaming of another dejected person can indicate that some of our actions have had a negative impact on the lives of the people around us, and it is prudent to raise awareness and recognize our mistakes.

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