Cuddle Dream Meaning

Usually, the action of snuggling in dreams, regardless of whether it is to protect ourselves from the cold or with another object, symbolizes the need to protect ourselves from some danger .

Dreams where we are curled up or in a fetal position indicate that we are going through some processes in the affective field in which we feel insecure. This dream warns of the possibility of discussions and conflicts in some of the relationships that we are managing.

If in the dream where we are curled up in a fetal position the emotions are of anguish or fear, it is a sign that soon our enemies will seek a way to harm us, so it will be necessary to be prepared. The danger that we will have to face will not necessarily be on a physical level, it is likely that they use gossip and slander to damage our prestige.

Dreaming of other people huddled hints that some friends or family are going through a crisis, and it will be our duty to help them overcome the inconveniences that afflict them.

Dreams where someone huddles next to us are usually a sign of peace and tranquility with ourselves, we are in a calm period and this allows us to be affectionate with those around us.

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