Dream of horses

Dreaming of white horses represents favorable changes and successful efforts. It is also a dream where he advises us not to stop, to continue with our projects and dreams, always giving our best effort.

On the other hand, a dream with white horses symbolizes strength, freedom, success, creativity, goals achieved, and new beginnings. In the negative part of the dream, it portends failures and frustrations.

Dream of white horses

Seeing a white horse predicts that we will succeed in making our dreams come true. If the white horses are friendly, it indicates that we are about to make big changes in our life, to try a new beginning. All changes will be favorable. If the white horses are inside a corral, it indicates that we will have a pleasant meeting with friends.

If a man dreams of a white horse, it indicates that he has difficulty finding the ideal woman. While if a woman is the one who dreams of a white horse, it indicates that she is very comfortable and happy with the partner she has. Leading a white horse holding its reins promises great changes in our lives. All these changes will be very favorable.

See white horse running

Seeing that the running white horses are dirty, shows that our life will change for the worse. Although these changes will not last long, they will be annoying enough. But if the horse that is running is clean, it portends a lot of prosperity, freedom and happiness.

Meaning of dreaming of beautiful white horses

Being able to see beautiful white horses is a very auspicious dream. It promises much prosperity and success.

Riding white horse in the dream

If we ride a white horse, it foretells that we will achieve our goals in our career or work. Also to be riding a white horse predicts the birth of a son.

feed horse

If we are feeding a white horse, it shows that our family is in need of all our help. Also feeding it means that someone in the family will give us a very large reward for helping them overcome their difficulties.

Buy white horse in the dream

The fact of buying a white horse in the dream augurs that our efforts will be worth it, although right now we are doubting.

Dream of sick white horses

It points out that we are going through many difficulties. Healing a white horse means that we will receive the support of close people who will help us get out of the economic difficulties we have. Seeing a very sick white horse, injured and very deteriorated, to the point of death, alerts us to the betrayal of a friend that will cause us to lose large amounts of money.

kicking horse

If we see a white horse kicking, it shows us that around us we have many people who envy us and are ready to harm us. When a white horse kicks us, then it alerts us to a friend who will betray us. We didn’t see it coming.

Prediction of dreaming of a white horse that escapes

If the horse escapes us, it indicates that there are people who pretend to be good friends, when in fact they are not. Seeing that a white horse runs away and leads a cart, indicates that it will not be easy for us to find the way to make our goals come true.

White foal in sleep

If the white horse we see is small, because it is a foal, it is a good omen. It indicates that we will have a happy life accompanied by much success.

Dream of dead white horses

Although the fact of seeing a dead white horse in the dream leaves us worried, in reality there is no reason, since such a dream promises peace and calm in our lives, before beginning a new stage.

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