Meaning of Dreaming of Adultery

An adultery, however it is dreamed, is a negative sign for the dreamer himself.

Dreaming of adultery to another or other people implies that near the dreamer there are hypocritical people who will soon cause difficulties for him or his family , even if there are no justifiable reasons for it.

Dreaming of committing adultery implies serious risk of suffering legal punishment due to the commission of illicit acts.

It may also be that the dreamer has a repressed or unsatisfied sexuality for reasons beyond his control.

When a woman dreams of committing adultery, she insinuates that, due to her bad character and intransigence, she feels that she will not be able to keep the love of her husband or lover , which makes her think of taking revenge .

When a woman dreams of committing adultery with a friend of her husband, it indicates, among other interpretations, that consciously or subconsciously she wishes to take revenge for the neglect and indifference of the husband, which, obviously, can lead to delicate situations in the marriage , therefore That dream is actually a warning so that you can resolve misunderstandings in time.

To dream that the husband or wife is unfaithful usually heralds difficulties at home, work or business; This dream is usually a call to avoid such problems in time.

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