Meaning of Dreaming with Admiration

Dreaming of being admired by several people indicates that you know, or at least assume that you have the sympathy of those around you, and this, consequently, will improve your social and work or business relationships .

It is necessary to differentiate between admiring or cheering or praising someone; If it is not a true admiration or it is feigned and in which, for example, it is applauded and whoever is applauded receives the applause with approval, the meaning is mockery and possible betrayal , jealousy and hypocrisy on the part of whoever demonstrates the false admiration.

This dream is a warning in the sense that the dreamer must take care of his own reputation, perhaps because he is proceeding improperly.

Dreaming about admiring one of your friends or acquaintances, suggests unhealthy purposes of the dreamer to try to influence someone or at least to ridicule him.

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