Meaning of Dreaming with Adversary

Dreaming of an adversary usually means that the end of a rivalry is near.

Adversary, in dreams, does not always have the connotation of an enemy , whose symbolism is usually different, it is more of an opponent.

To dream that you are or are fighting with an adversary is often an omen that precautions must be taken to protect property and that we will most likely have to defend our interests very soon.

Dreaming of adversaries can also be a harbinger of illness .

If in the dream you triumph over the adversary, it is a sign that you will escape the effects of a serious disaster .

To dream that we make deals of any kind with one of our adversaries in real life usually is a harbinger of difficulties of various kinds. Possible health problems. In case of rejecting our adversaries, it indicates that despite having to face difficult situations, the problems will not have serious repercussions in our lives.

Seeing in dreams that our rivals are gossiping or slandering us announces arguments and lawsuits that could put our emotional stability at risk.

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