Meaning of Dreaming with Apricot

The dreams in which the apricot fruit is eaten usually indicate happiness, joy , pleasure, as long as the fruit is ripe; when it is eaten green or dry, it tends to herald troubles, failures .

To dream that you see an apricot full of fruits indicates well-being, on the other hand, if it only has leaves it can indicate suffering.

In the world of dreams, fruits such as apricots and in general, usually symbolize a desire or need of an affective, erotic, spiritual and even economic type.

Dreaming of fruits is in general a harbinger of abundance , prosperity and pleasures, if in the dream the fruit appears acidic or green we must be patient because it will take a while to reach said abundance, if the fruit appears rotten, in poor condition, or with worms it tends to herald that the desired prosperity will not be achieved.

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