Meaning of Dreaming with Needles

Dreaming of needles almost always means worries .

If in the dream, the dreamer is stung by them, it is a sign that someone is intriguing and will create restlessness with gossip and entanglements .

Needles and pins, in general, symbolize the small pains or anguish that each one of us encounters along the path of our lives.

Seeing needles is a precursor to difficult relationships, betrayals , slander, and lost friendships.

Dreaming of crochet hooks is generally an indicator of intrigue behind our backs .

In dreams, threading a needle or seeing it threaded, is a sign of upcoming benefits.

Dreaming of sewing or knitting with needles can be a call to be more active in repairing a damage that we have caused to someone with or without intention.

The pins in dreams usually predict difficulties and sorrows, without major consequences.

Dreaming with the hands of the clock is usually an indication of great events and circumstances that will decisively influence and quite possibly change the life of the dreamer. When in the dream you see that the hands of the clock go in the opposite direction, it is usually an omen that setbacks will occur earlier than expected.

If in the dream we use a thimble to avoid pricking ourselves with the needle, it may be an indication that there will be a good change where family relationships will improve and you will have a good income due to an inheritance . It is also usually a harbinger of a job change or future promotion possibilities.

Dreaming of acupuncture needles indicates that we are going through a stage of confusion in our life on an emotional level, but despite this, we will be able to find the solution to a problematic situation that has afflicted us for a long time. Positive opportunities will present themselves to evolve in the professional field.

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