Dusk Dream Meaning

Dreaming when it is getting dark implies that there is dissatisfaction and even hopelessness with what has already been achieved.

If in the dream you see stars shining in the sky , especially when the day is already declining, it indicates that you are disappointed and depressed despite the fact that the future smiles at you, that is, you show skepticism in your own capacity for triumph.

If we think of our life as a long day, the time of day then refers to a specific moment in our lives. Therefore, the morning would be the first part of our life, it generally symbolizes our initial experiences, the midday, when we are in full light , usually indicates that we are fully aware of what we are doing. It is in the evening hours, the time of life when we can put our experience to good use, while sunset can be a period of depression or secrecy , the night represents quieter times. The twilight of dusk may indicate a period of uncertainty and possible ambivalence regarding direction that we give to our own lives, it is important to remember that after the night comes another day.

Traditionally, in general, dusk is a dream of sadness , it usually portends early deterioration, ruin and unfulfilled hopes. It is not a good time for business or even for any other activity.

Young lovers who dream of walking when the day dies hints that one of the two will soon fall ill and it could happen that they die.

For a woman to dream that night falls and that night finds her in a cemetery without her being able to find a place to sleep other than an open grave , is traditionally an omen that she will have a lot of sadness and disappointment for hypocritical friends or even death.

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