File Dream Meaning

File Dream Meaning: In general, dreams where we keep a file or record of something refer to the way we carry our life, while the objects in which we keep these records, such as files or filing cabinets, are related to our memory .

If the file that we carry in the dream is organized and it is easy to look for things, it indicates that in our real life we ​​are acting correctly, because we handle an order or protocol that facilitates the processes and shows us as responsible people, however, if In the dream the file is disorganized is a sign of inconveniences due to lack of attention, distractions and poor disposition of our resources.

In the case of dreaming of an open file cabinet, it indicates that it is easier for us to have access to our memories, while if we see it closed and we cannot open it, it suggests the opposite, for which it is advisable to keep a written record of our daily functions and everything. make it important.

File Dream Meaning: When the record we keep is of financial accounting and we relate it to our businesses, it is a sign of future concerns due to seeing our economic stability at risk.

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Arrests in dreams usually herald unpleasant news, they also represent our fear of being reprimanded for our inappropriate behavior. D

When we witness an arrest, it is a sign that we should seek peace with someone to whom we did something wrong, and it will be good to seek their forgiveness. Dreaming About Police Arresting Me

Dreaming that we are arrested can be a sign that we will receive some reproaches that will cause us shame and humiliation for our bad behavior. This dream can also reveal our nonconformity for not being valued as we think we deserve it by our family members or our partner. D

To dream that we arrest someone innocent indicates that we are letting some feelings of envy and jealousy take over us, which will lead us to make wrong decisions. Dreaming About Police Arresting Me

If we are arrested by our enemies, it suggests that our aspirations are somewhat mediocre, and it is necessary to look within ourselves for a motivation that leads us to have greater ambitions. D

If in the dream we are arrested for a crime that we have not committed, it is a sign that, despite the difficulties and setbacks that will arise, we will be victorious in the face of adversity thanks to our patience and determination. dreaming about police arresting me

Dreaming that we escaped arrest is an indication that some feelings of guilt and remorse will prevent us from evolving in our effective relationships.

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