harlequin dream meaning

Harlequin Dream Meaning: Dreaming of harlequins or satyrs suggests malice, mischief .

If the dreamer is the one who is dressed as a harlequin, it may indicate disappointments.

Seeing one or more harlequins in dreams is a harbinger of suffering or sorrow that will fortunately vanish very soon.

If during the dream a well-known person is seen introducing himself or disguised as a satyr , it is a warning that that person does not suit us and we should try to get away from him and not accept the advice he offers us since they only seek to harm us.

Harlequin Dream Meaning: Harlequins in dreams represent falsehood, deception and mockery. Dreaming among harlequins is a sign that we are surrounded by some people who do not show themselves as they really are, and who act with deception and hypocrisy to achieve our acceptance and thus benefit.

Dreaming of a woman dressed as a harlequin is a sign that we should distrust a person of the opposite sex who uses her charms to take advantage of us.

Dreams where we see ourselves dressed as harlequins also tend to suggest that our behavior is not appropriate, it is possible that there is a tendency not to handle our affairs with the seriousness they require, which could cause losses both financially and emotionally.

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