Harp Dream Meaning

In your dream last night, a harp appeared . There are several definitions of dreaming of a harp. Harp Dream Meaning

Dreaming of a harp:

First interpretation of the Harp Dream Meaning:

Dreaming of a harp and playing it, announces a conjugal harmony. Luck and joy will be on your side.
To dream of a harp and to see one, means longing for the happiness of others.
To dream of a harp and to see your spouse playing it announces communication problems.

Second interpretation of the harp dream:

Dreaming of a harp and seeing a stranger or stranger playing it predicts constant jealousy.
To dream of harp and hearing it play, means agreeing with your friends.
Having a harp of one’s own in a dream announces disputes in the household.

Third interpretation of the harp dream:

dream of a harp foretells inexpensive satisfactions.
To dream of harp in the wrong context means that you will destroy your happiness if you are envious, envy is always to be discouraged. harp-dream-meaning

Harp Dream Meaning:

To dream that melancholic notes of a harp are heard suggests that something you have been enjoying (business, entertainment , pleasure, travel or just good luck) is about to end.

Dreaming of a broken harp indicates the end of happiness, for example between lovers , perhaps due to a painful and difficult illness , whether it be your own or in a relative, or due to errors in your political or social relationships .

Dreaming of playing a harp indicates that the dreamer is overrated, so vanity that can lead to serious failures and frustrations should be limited .

In general, dreams where we see ancient musical instruments usually represent conservative thoughts. This dream also suggests that we have firm judgment and are difficult to influence.

For a young woman’s dream, dreams where she sees herself playing the harp suggest that a man will soon enter her life who will help her in her professional development, but who may possibly cause problems in the emotional field.

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