Having an erotic dream and its meaning

Although it is an oneiric experience that is not usually easily told, making an erotic dream is actually very common, and from Freud to Jung , this meaning in dreams has always been considered.

Beyond the understandable feeling of shame that this type of dream entails, to analyze it at its best, it will be necessary to remember some key elements such as the person with whom the relationship is consumed in the dream, the feelings that the dreamer experiences during the experience and the existing or non-existent relationship in real life between him/her and the dream person.

Very often, in fact, apart from the mere sexual instinct that finds free rein within dreams, making an erotic dream has very different meanings that can only be correctly interpreted by understanding some dynamics related to the dreamer and his experience.

So let’s try to understand what it means to make an erotic dream, the different interpretations related to its multiple images and what numbers to play if you want to try your luck in the Lottery.

Having an erotic dream about the couple or the person we like

If we are a couple and in the dream our sexual partner is the same as in real life, it is most likely that the dreamer will not be able in everyday life to satisfy some sexual instincts and fantasies with the partner that they are then forced to act on . find ventilation only in sleep.

When, on the other hand, we dream of having intimate relations with a person that we like and that we would like to have by our side, nothing could be simpler: our unconscious is trying to “speed up time” by suggesting to the dreamer what he would like to achieve.

Meaning of dreaming of having sex with someone we don’t like

Although it may seem absurd to those who have never had such a dream, the dream image related to sex with a person we know and do not like is very widespread and, far from suggesting any type of perversion, it is a method used by the unconscious mind to make us understand that we appreciate some of the facets of the character of the sexual partner of the dream, but that we are unable to admit it.

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When this kind of dream is done by a committed person, chances are that the qualities we charge the dream partner with are the ones you want in your partner.

Having an erotic dream with a same-sex partner

Many people report, after experiencing such a dream, waking up absolutely confused and worried about their sexual proclivities.

What is worth mentioning is that, in principle, having an erotic dream in which we exchange effusions with a person of the same sex does not mean at all that our mind is preparing to let out , but simply that our feminine or masculine part (depending on of the dreamer’s sex) is not able to fully emerge and we are not in a phase of life where we feel ready to start a relationship with a person of the opposite sex.

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If the dreamer knows the theme of the same sex with whom he dreams of having sexual intercourse, he is probably trying to make the characteristics of the other his own, exactly as explained above in relation to the possibility of having an erotic dream with a person who does not belong to us. like.

Having an erotic dream starring a relative

It is one of the most unspeakable erotic dreams of all time and understandably given the theme that appears in the dream image.

Whether it is a father, an uncle, a cousin or another relative, however, there is no need to fear: this type of dream in almost all cases wants to indicate to the dreamer two possible interpretive keys.

The first, already underlined several times before, sees the sexual act as a way of making one’s own the characteristics of the other that are perceived as positive and lacking in oneself.

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The other, on the other hand, interprets such a dream as the need that the unconscious brings to light to get closer to the dream relative and have a closer and more confidential relationship with him/her.

Have an erotic dream and Lottery numbers

If you want to play the Lottery with the numbers related to this type of dream, for the erotic in general, according to Kabbalah, the excerpt to bet on is 58 . If your dream has your partner as the protagonist, the number to add is 54 while the dream of having sex with a stranger is associated with the number 2 . Dreaming of having sex with people of the same sex is linked to the number 4 and for all these dream images, if the experience is lived with joy, the best association is with the number 25 .

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