Herring Dream

If in the dream herrings are eaten, it is a sign of disdain on the part of whoever loves. If in the dream the sonant is fishing for herring, it is a sign of a lot of work and little profit .

Dreaming of herring can be an indication of debts that we have acquired and that we have not yet paid. It is possible that we will be complained about it soon.

To dream that we are smoking a herring is a sign of poverty and serious economic difficulties that will force us to drastically change our lifestyle.

To dream that we fish herring with a net and see others doing the same is a sign that in our environment there are very strong competitors, which suggests the need to prepare ourselves better and make more of an effort to stand out from the rest.

For a committed or married person, dreams where they see herring symbolize unfounded jealousy on the part of the dreamer, which could generate discussions that will affect the effective bond.

Dreams where large amounts of herring fished with a net profit are foreshadowing that, despite not fill our expectations, we will be of great help .


Depending on which herring or part of it was dreamed of:


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