Hoop Dreams Summary

Hoop Dreams Summary:

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Frequently the dreams in which we see this figure are somewhat complex to interpret, since there are several objects with this shape and it can generate confusion . The important thing about this dream is to be able to establish what type of hoop it is that we see, be it a wheel , a toy hoop or a ring . Generally, round or circular figures make perfect reference to continuity, which is why their appearance in dreams can symbolize the changes in our life and the processes of renewal”. hoop dreams summary

If the dreamer sees himself playing with a hoop, the relationships with those closest to him will be at their best. It indicates an excellent time to smooth things over with close people with whom you have had friction and discussions .

Dreaming of a ring that provides the functions of a wheel hints at the quality and the way in which we carry out our projects.

In case the hoop you dream of is a ring or a ring, it can be a representation of power and authority . If in the dream we see ourselves using rings , it indicates that in the near future we will see ourselves undertaking new projects.

Whatever the case, dreaming of a broken ring or that it loses its shape is a sign of problems in the family , setbacks on a financial level and misunderstandings with our friends.

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