What does it mean to dream of Marijuana and Cannabis?

Dream About Drugs

Using marijuana or cannabis, or rolling a joint in your dream, suggests that you are moving towards a positive spiritual experience. dream about drugs

The key message of this dream is that you need to make sure that you have inner strength to survive in the future.

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Being in the company of other people who use marijuana or cannabis shows that it is time to think about your health. If you take drugs in your waking life, then you should consider stopping. If you dream of rolling a joint, it indicates that you are going to find yourself in a good situation when it comes to work. The message is that you need to take advantage and capitalize on a new awareness. The dream may also mean that you need to look to your inner strength to stimulate yourself, rather than relying on external forces. dream about drugs

When dreaming of Marijuana and Cannabis you can have dream about drugs

  • Smoked Marijuana, Cannabis, Weed, etc.
  • Seeing others using marijuana or cannabis.
  • Ciltivar marijuana, Cannabis, grass, etc.
  • Smoking marijuana with a friend.

Positive changes occur if

  • Stop taking the drug in your dream.
  • Stop taking the drug in waking life.
  • You used your inner strength for stimulation.
  • You resist any hasty decision.

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The detailed interpretation of dream

dream about drugsDriving or going to work under the influence of cannabis in a dream denotes that you will have a happy but stressful couple of months. If you dream that you are at a party and doing drugs, it shows that things may have gotten boring upon waking. The fact that a young woman dreams that she is smoking cannabis with her lover warns her that she should resist any hasty decisions.

Dreaming of marijuana or cannabis tells you to come down to earth and be more realistic. Smoking marijuana indicates that you have many things to achieve. To dream that you take drugs or give drugs to someone else is a sign that you should be ready to receive the challenges of life.

To dream that you have or take marijuana or cannabis suggests that you need a quick “fix”. Ask yourself why you need drugs. What do you think drugs will help you? Dreaming of a drug dealer means that you are facing a dilemma now. We are good at trying to bury both the positive and negative things in our lives. The dream reveals feelings of guilt and commitment is needed.

Dreaming of marijuana or cannabis is the harbinger of illusion, fear of facing reality and difficulties, refuge in an imaginary world, loss of contact with reality, flight from responsibility, evasion, withdrawal, isolation, cowardice, loss of self-confidence, risky situation and apparent calm. Drugs symbolize the total impotence of the dreamer who no longer knows how to deal with the problem and which is accompanied by great anxiety.

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If in your dream you see marijuana or cannabis, it means that you want to forget some pain, temptation and the attempt to control yourself, the pre-eminence of reason and feeling, and not of instinct and necessity, the assumption of responsibilities, cowardice, flight from responsibility, the desire to escape, distraction, lack of self-confidence and lack of love. dream about drugs

Feelings you may have encountered during a marijuana/cannabis dream dream about drugs

Ashamed. Amazed. Happy. Dizzy. Embarrassed. Crazy. Upset. Surprised. dream about drugs

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