Meaning of dreaming about crocodiles

What does it mean to dream of crocodiles?

Dreaming of crocodiles is not an ordinary dream. So it is possible that you wake up upset. However, you don’t need to lose your cool because they often turn out to be a positive message. It can mean that you have great power within you that is about to bear fruit. Or it is warning you of future danger so you can come out of the situation unscathed.

dream of crocodiles

However, you must remember that this animal is a creature of water and land. And depending on where the reptile is, its interpretation may vary. Next, we explain the meanings of dreaming about crocodiles .

What is the meaning of dreaming about a crocodile bite?

The crocodile’s jaws are very strong and a bite is fatal. So, the dream means that you are very close to a family problem. You are going to have strong conflicts and like the bite of the beast, it is going to cause great damage to you. However, if in the dream you fight against the alligator and survive, it means that you will overcome the problems that lie ahead. On the other hand, if the crocodile defeats you, then the injury they will inflict on you will be permanent.

What is the interpretation of dreaming of crocodiles ready to attack?

This dream can be interpreted in various ways, and the true meaning will be defined according to the life of the dreamer. Perhaps that crocodile is yourself because you have the desire to snatch someone else’s material possessions. Perhaps, you are jealous to see the success that you never had. Be very careful, because these attacks of jealousy will bring you a lot of problems.

The dream can also represent that a person is interested in you. He wants to attack and conquer your heart but he is waiting for you to give him a signal to do so. Another meaning is that someone is planning how to destroy your world. That is, create discord between you and your partner, or with family or friends. You have to be very careful not to fall into their traps.

What are the indications of dreaming of crocodiles coming out of the water?

This means that you have qualities that were hidden and have now come to light. Probably because of some drastic change in your life. This can be positive or negative depending on your situation. For example, it may be that before you were a peaceful person but today you get angry easily. That change may be due to deception.

Another of the meanings is usually that you are going to receive an improvement in your economic position. Before, money was enough for the basics of life but you will receive a promotion and now you will get more wealth. You came out of the low waters (poverty) to come ashore (enjoy the good life).

What would it mean to dream of crocodiles chasing you?

This dream reveals that you have physical exhaustion and emotional exhaustion. Therefore, your body needs rest, maybe a little inactivity would be enough. You need to take a break because otherwise, it will negatively affect your health. When your body is more relaxed, then you will stop dreaming of crocodiles chasing you.

What is the prognosis of dreaming that you hunt crocodiles?

Anyone who hunts a crocodile takes great joy in doing so. That is exactly what your dream means. You will have or you already have, moments of happiness and joy because you are reaching your goals. You have achieved the success you have hoped for and are still on the right track. This dream is a good omen, as it appears when life is smiling at you.

What does it mean to dream of stroking crocodiles?

Few people or trainers caress a reptile. If you have dreamed of that scene, it is interpreted as the ability you have to lead and master the issues of life . You are able to control day-to-day problems and you always have a solution. So everyone gives you a vote of confidence when you promise something. Especially when there is a shortage of a product or food and you ensure that you will get it.

What does dreaming of dead crocodiles mean to me?

Dreaming of dead crocodiles represents a feeling of guilt. Perhaps, the relationship with your partner has not been going very well lately and they decided to break up. Or you fought with a friend and you feel hurt by what happened. Although it can also mean that you had a problem that you have not overcome and you need time.

What is the meaning of dreaming about reptiles that bite you?

In the dream scenario, the bite of a beast like this represents the fear you have. You are thinking negatively and feeling guilty about an issue that is close to happening. And you think that others will judge you badly. But do not be afraid of what has not happened, that this dream serves as a reflection on the things that disturb you.

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