Meaning of Dreaming about Acne

Meaning of Dreaming about Acne: Acne is an inflammation of colored red or white produced in the skin in different parts of the body , usually on the face, chest and back . Acne can be caused by hormonal changes, stress, temper, pregnancy , menstruation , depression or poor diet, such as excess fats , salts or sugars. In general, dreaming that you have pimples or abscesses on the skin can be a call attention of our subconscious to stay away from excesses. Although acne can be suffered at any age , essentially acne accompanies a stage of adolescence in which there are times of uncertainty and emotional difficulties, hypersensitivity and search for an own identity, and it could be important to understand our dream to relate the appearance of acne as symbol with the stage of life in which we find ourselves.

Dreaming of acne could represent a feeling of rejection on the part of the dreamer because its appearance is not very pleasant and on the contrary it is annoying, the characteristics must be analyzed very well, since there are several types of acne and in dreams they generally have different meanings. Meaning of Dreaming about Acne

As a positive aspect, dreaming of acne usually indicates a period of transformation in which the soul will be purified and those wounds of the soul that bring back bad memories and produce tension, loss of self-esteem and unhappiness will be healed. Dreaming of removing a mud (from the Latin varus; ‘pimple on the face’) from another known person usually means that the dreamer is beginning to trust her beyond her physical appearance.Meaning of Dreaming about Acne

As a negative aspect, dreaming about acne usually represents that the dreamer will go through a difficult period where depression may be the main characteristic, it may indicate difficulty in reaching goals and achieving objectives, possible problems of discernment between good and evil, emotional blocks and feelings. of rejection. If in the dream, it is another person who has acne, it could be that that person needs the dreamer and is trying to get their attention, as it can also mean that the dreamed person or the dreamer himself could have moments of depression or could approachperiods of hypersensitivity. Often times, if the dreamer is the one who has acne, it may be an indication that perhaps he cares too much about his appearance and is frequently concerned about it, both in himself and in other people. Meaning of Dreaming about Acne

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