Meaning of Dreaming about Addiction

Dreaming about Addiction: Spiritually speaking, addictions in dreams represent the excess of pleasures that can later become unpleasant, as well as bad habits and habits that affect not only our physical but mental integrity.

To dream that we are addicted, no matter what, is usually an indication that we have little control over our attitudes and impulses. This dream warns us of the need to mature our criteria and analyze with greater objectivity the matters we handle.

Dream addictions can also represent the degrees of dependence on certain people in particular, as well as the fear that losing them generates.

To dream that we are among addicted people is a sign that our behavior can lead us to associate with people with a bad reputation that could affect our good name .

Dreams in which we see that addicts are acquaintances are a sign of concern for friends or family. It is possible that someone close to us is not handling themselves properly and this situation worries us.

To dream that you are addicted to games of chance often be a wake -up call, it is wise to avoid taking risks financially.

If in the dream we are addicted to drugs , it indicates that we frequently abandon ourselves to pleasures that give fleeting joys , which leads us to lose the opportunities to obtain lasting happiness at an affective level.

Blowing addicted to cocaine suggests that some bad habits are creating problems in our health, but despite being aware of it we need strength of will to change.

Dreaming that we are addicted to alcohol suggests that there are feelings of loneliness and abandonment , which shows us weak and vulnerable to our rivals. This dream indicates that sometimes we are easily influenced.

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