Meaning of Dreaming about Administration

Whoever dreams that he is part of an administration has an omen of misery. Whichever position he occupies, but, on the contrary, if in his dreams he leaves his position in this administration, his position tends to improve.

Dreams where public administration plays an important role indicate that there are some issues that we must address as soon as possible. In the event that in the dream the feelings are of anxiety or anguish, it means that we may be forced to make a payment that will cause us discomfort, while if the sensations are pleasant it is a sign that thanks to these matters we will obtain various benefits .

To dream that we are exercising an administrative position in politics is a harbinger of complex situations, various obstacles will appear in our way , and the successful consolidation or not of our projects will depend solely on us.

If you dream that we are managing an office with a large number of employees, it implies that our ambitions are quite large, and that we may seek progress regardless of the means to obtain it.

Dreams in which we see ourselves as ministers of government insinuate that we will obtain the necessary benefits to consolidate our projects, but satisfactions and joys might be ephemeral.

To dream that we see ourselves managing a business or warehouse indicates that the evolution in our businesses will be accelerated thanks to our determination and determination.

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