Meaning of dreaming about admonishing

Dreamed severely admonishing children , relatives or others, provided they are of minor age the dreamer, it indicates that in real life the dreamer is considered superior to those around him, which well managed can give good results, such as promotions in its social and economic level; but if handled poorly, that is, exhibiting vanity and recklessness, they will produce precisely the opposite effects. Dreaming that someone scolds or scolds us can also be the reflection of hidden feelings of insecurity.

It is also common for dreams of reprimand to be due to charges of conscience for something we have done or failed to do or simply for some event that has created us feelings of guilt, resentment or defeat, whether these are fair or not, and regardless of whether it is the dreamer who gives the warning or who is admonished in the dream.

To dream that a teacher admonishes, reprimands, scolds or scolds us during the dream is usually an indication of insecurity in the dreamer.

Dreams in which we reprimand or are reprimanded or punished may indicate violence or a breakdown of relationships with a close family member or friend , possibly bringing great pain and distress. The punishments are often wrong attitudes omen that cause damage.

Dreaming that someone is reprimanded can be a sign of the unconscious desire to feel superior, on the other hand, if the reprimanded in the dream is the dreamer, it can indicate too much self-confidence that will bring problems.

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