Meaning of Dreaming about Adolescence

Teenage dream meaning: Adolescence is a stage that is between childhood and adulthood, which represents evolution; this stage has an indefinite time, which generally lasts several years . It is represented by physical changes such as the appearance of pubic hair in different parts of the body and generates several changes: Sentimental such as mood or sexual changes, also known as puberty, (which can be menstruation in women and the production of sperm in men). Adolescence can be understood as a phenomenon that affects both women and men in different ways, being a symbol of rebellion and independence.

As a positive aspect, dreaming of adolescence or adolescents means that the dreamer’s personality could change, it will fill him with good energy and will open different doors to improve. You will have the opportunity to live new experiences which could benefit you economically and socially. Adolescence is a symbol of evolution, therefore the dreamer and his loved ones could have a change in attitude, where they will try to improve negative aspects or defects.

In a negative way, if anguish occurs in the dream , it means that the dreamer is usually unable to deny something to someone and this can lead him to make many mistakes, but if on the contrary the dream is pleasant, it is because he must learn to put rules both in your life and in your family’s . If the dreamer is single and dreamed of a person of the other sex, it could represent the desire to quickly find a partner, apparently he has not succeeded because he is very demanding and has been looking for the same prototype of person, perhaps changing this would help him much more. If in the dream, the dreamer is the adolescent, it may mean that he will have a strong mood change where he will go from absolute happiness to asevere depression .

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