Meaning of Dreaming about Advance

The money in dreams does not necessarily represent cash, currency current, but rather the way we value ourselves. Traditional money symbols such as money bags or coins can represent our spiritual resources, which we can use in times of difficulty. Money in our dreams can also symbolize our own personal resources, both material and spiritual, and our potential for success.

Dreams in which we give another person an advance in money, either for their services or because something is bought from them, often herald the imminent fulfillment of promises that have been made to us in the past.

If during the dream it is the dreamer who requests or receives an advance, the omen is usually of conflicts, especially at the family level, as well as discomfort and setbacks caused by financial problems.

In the dream and spiritual world, the concept of loans is related to healing and support, an advance is a small loan that we make at the rate of a salary or a job that will be done or delivered later. If money is being given, we are creating a bond of obligation within our lives. If we were loaned money, we need to review the way we are managing our resources, but the most important thing is to try to identify what kind of help we will need to do this.

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