Meaning of dreaming about advising

Dreaming of receiving advice from someone indicates self-reproach because you are not acting correctly or honestly, and you run the risk of losing face to others.

Dreaming of giving advice hints that you will soon have difficulties with family or friends .

Dreaming about asking for advice is an announcement that you will be successful in what you are doing or planning.

Dreaming of refusing someone’s advice indicates a risk of illness or failure .

Dreaming about requesting legal advice indicates the risk of falling into legal problems for carrying out acts outside the law .

To dream that we want to dissuade someone reflects the need to keep all situations under our control.

Dreams in which we find ourselves dissuading someone else to ignore advice should be interpreted depending on who we are trying to persuade.

If it is our mother heralds complex situations due to our stubbornness, it is possible that overconfidence will lead us to make mistakes that will put our businesses at risk .

If it is to the children , it indicates that we feel too pressured by responsibilities and obligations.

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