Meaning of Dreaming about Airport

Biblical meaning of airport in dream symbolism is analogous to that of any other port with some nuances. The airport often represents a starting point towards a transition in life.

To dream that you see an airport with parked planes is an indication of a new idea or venture ready to take off. However, if the planes cannot take off, the idea or issue will have to wait .

Seeing or being at an airport can also indicate change or transition in one’s life, depending on the context and profile of the dreamer.

To dream that you are in a high place such as the top of a hill or a building and observe from there an airport with an airplane rising, is usually a sign of the desire for a change in life, residence or employment, professional or business , and he predicts that finally some of this may be achieved, quite possibly due to the mediation of foreign people.

Dreaming of aircraft parked at an airport while they are being loaded is a forecast of personal gains , prosperity, change of life, etc.

To dream that you see an airplane crew ready to leave the airport portends that some unforeseen circumstance will cause you to abandon a trip or a company from which you could have obtained good results.

An airplane landing at an airport is a symbol of inspiration , new ideas or energies that are rejoined in life or in the body .

To dream that you are late arriving at an airport, station , pier or terminal, indicates that you have the awareness that your own affairs are not being properly addressed but nothing is being done about it, which will lead to difficulties.

Dreaming of dying on a plane parked at the airport usually portends damage due to intrigue and slander; But if the plane takes off, it is a good sign and predicts that all the inconveniences will be solved and the future will be less uncertain.

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