Meaning of Dreaming about Alliance

To dream that an alliance or pact is established with one or more people is a symbol of responsibility and maturity and is usually a harbinger of great satisfactions that will come in a short time.

Dreaming of an alliance (ring) is usually a symbol of the desire to form long and lasting relationships and acquire commitments , it can be simply romantic encounters but there is the possibility that it is related to some type of contract or business , it usually indicates an upcoming marriage. .

Seeing a broken alliance (ring) in dreams is usually a harbinger of arguments and breakups and in many cases indicates a separation or divorce .

Losing an alliance, in dreams, is usually an indication of risks of breakup in the couple or infidelity .

Sometimes losing an alliance can indicate that commitment or love for another person, group or ideal is being considered and reevaluated .

To dream that a wedding ring is worn in dreams is an indicator of commitment and usually heralds the arrival of better times and prosperity.

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