Meaning of Dreaming about Amazon

The Amazons are the ancient warrior women of the Greek and Latin traditions. In dreams they are a feminine archetype that represents self-sufficient women who feel they do not need men, often taking shape in those women completely turned towards their careers who enjoy the challenges and rewards of intellectual development and independence. In the dream it can manifest itself in the form of hunters, horsemen , warriors, etc.

For a man, dreaming of one or more Amazons usually indicates that he will fall in love, if he is not already, with a woman who will enslave him because of his weakness of character.

For a woman, dreaming that she belongs to a group of Amazons is usually an indication of a longing for independence and her inner need to expand her horizons in every way.

The dream can also indicate the possibility that we are being deceived by a woman who pretends to be a friend, but in reality she is close to us to receive the benefits that we enjoy.

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