Meaning of Dreaming about Amputation

Dreaming of being a patient whose limb is being amputated, it may be that the dreamer consciously knows that he is in danger of losing some property or various values, that the dreamer is having deep worries in daily life because he fears heavy losses for various reasons, for For example, bad business , romantic disappointments, lawsuits , or suffering a scam .

The greater the amputation appears in the dream, the greater the restlessness in the subconscious and, therefore, the greater the risks that are run, although none of this is conscious.

When in the dream it is seen that it is another person who is suffering the amputation, it hints at the fear that a family member or friend very close to the dreamer will soon die.

In general, amputation dreams can portend financial problems and difficulties in personal and family relationships and even serious illnesses .

If in the dream we appear with an amputated limb, it may be a representation of our inability to carry out some activity that we normally perform with it, it is very possible that the cause is a hidden fear that we should try to overcome.

Spiritually, any amputation means a loss of some kind, the dream may be suggesting us to take the appropriate actions to achieve peace of mind. It is also possible that the dream symbolizes the loss of something in life that we will no longer need, the end of a stage.

Losing a part of our body can also indicate that we must take care of that area of ​​the body, it is possible that some skill symbolized by the part that is cut off in the dream is being neglected.

Dreaming that a part of the body is amputated from another person is usually an indicator of a tendency not to allow those around us to express themselves freely.

Losing an arm in dreams usually indicates that more attention needs to be paid to the way in which we express the results.

For seamen, dreams of amputations traditionally predict storms and loss of property.

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