Meaning of Dreaming about Animals

The meaning of this dream varies depending on the animal that has appeared in it and the circumstances in which they arise.

By understanding animals and their symbolism we approach life in a simpler and more natural way. Animals in dreams generally play a protective role , in addition to being guides and teachers.

When we require some kind of understanding of our own psyche, animals will appear in our dreams, and even in everyday life, the meaning, however, will depend on the animal that is presented to us and its own qualities and circumstances and those of the dreamer himself. It is therefore important to consult the characteristics of the animal that has been dreamed of.

When animals appear in a dream, they often represent an aspect of the personality that cannot be properly understood except on an instinctual level. Our subconscious may be calling our attention to some aspect of our own nature that we repress or dismiss.

Usually wild animals in dreams represent danger , dangerous passions or dangerous people . It is possible that there is a destructive force arising from our subconscious threatening our own safety. This type of dream can be a way to help you understand and highlight a certain anxiety in particular. Dreaming that wild animals are domesticated commonly indicates that we may have come to terms with our wildest and uncontrollable side.

In our dreams, the metamorphosis of the dreamer or other people into animals and vice versa shows the potential for change in any situation.

Dreaming of animals with their cubs represents maternal qualities and, therefore, the maternal instinct.

Dreams with puppies symbolize the childish part of our personality, although they can also represent innocence and naivety.

Dreaming of mythical or compound animals can indicate internal confusion when deciding what qualities we need to use in our daily lives. We may need to use the combined qualities of various animals and integrate them into our lives in order to move forward successfully. Dreaming of a half-animal, half-human creature often suggests that the dreamer’s basic instincts are beginning to be recognized and humanized.

If deformed animals appear in the dream, it is generally an indicator that the dreamer realizes that some of his impulses are not generated by reason.

Dreaming of tame or domesticated animals usually suggests that there are passions that are being used in a controlled way.

To dream that an animal is eaten is usually an image of the internal demons of each person that should be overcome if they are assimilated in a constructive way, by ingesting it, we make it part of ourselves, we are assimilating natural wisdom.

Dreams that involve animals with divine, imposing or wise characteristics or animals with human features usually indicate that one enjoys an innocent and decompiled wisdom. It is always important to pay attention to this aspect of animal life the stories of fairies and dreams, and we need to get in touch with that part of us .

Dreams in which injured or trapped animals appear often suggest that we have been injured, either emotionally or spiritually, or sometimes that our natural instincts are self-conscious, not allowed to express themselves freely and therefore not working properly.

Dreaming that animals are harmed, especially if they are young, usually indicates a difficulty regarding behaving with maturity or facing the problems of daily life.

Dreaming that animals are killed is usually a symbol of the destruction of the energy derived from the instincts, one is trying to eradicate the power based on the primary instincts.

Seeing animal corpses in dreams usually denote unhealthy situations both in health and in other matters of daily life. In general, it is a bad design to see domestic animals dying or in agony .

Seeing wild or wild animals dying often symbolizes the escape from bad influences

Taming an animal in dreams shows the efforts made to control our instincts and make them productive and useful.

To dream that an animal that suffers from rabies or hydrophobia bites us , traditionally heralds the betrayal of someone close and scandals .

The parts of animals in dreams usually have the same meaning as the parts of the human body .

Dreaming that we are trying to protect ourselves from an animal either because we make a refuge or defense or because we flee, usually indicates our struggle with our animal instincts and usually offers an answer about whether the measures we are taking are adequate. Such instincts can be a threat or damage to various aspects of our life.

To dream that an animal watches over some kind of treasure usually indicates that material passions are making our spiritual realization impossible.

Dreaming of horned animals was popularly associated with omens of happiness.

Owning, caring for or feeding animals, especially ruminants, traditionally bodes well for prosperity and good business .

Seeing ourselves eaten by wild animals in dreams is a harbinger of anguish and discomfort. We will suffer pain and sadness because of the betrayals of people we considered friends .

Dreams where we see two-headed animals, that is, with two heads , must be interpreted depending on the animal we see in the dream, however, on a more general level these dreams symbolize the balance between our mind and spirit , as well as the integration between our two parts, male and female.

Dreaming of weasels is a sign of pessimism and unfortunate situations for the dreamer.

The dreams in which we see weasels warn us of a close person who will look for a way to undermine our interests, and it is possible that he does so by getting upset with some friends in order to make us adopt a negative attitude that hinders progress in social relationships.

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