Meaning of Dreaming about Anorexia

Anorexia is an eating disorder which is represented by loss of appetite , reduced food, and constant vomiting . Anorexia becomes an obsessive fear of gaining weight or gaining weight , which is why people with symptoms of anorexia do not maintain a normal body weight and undergo difficult physical exercises or strong diets. Having anorexia can cause different physical and emotional illnesses as well as organ deterioration. Dreaming of anorexia is a symbol of rejection, where it is generally difficult to see and understand the reality of things because apparently the dreamer has very low self-esteem and suffers from different rejections by the people around him.

As negative dream of anorexia may indicate a lack of self – esteem and love itself, the dream wants to encourage the dreamer to want more for what it is and do not try to change your way of being by what others think. If in the dream it is another person who has anorexia, it is probably because the dreamer is afraid of reality and feels anguish at being rejected by other people. Dreaming of anorexia is usually a sign of loss of control.

As a positive aspect, dreaming of anorexia usually represents opportunities, when the dreamer is the one who has anorexia, they will probably have a life change where they can improve and fulfill different goals and dreams that they have wanted to realize and fulfill for a long time, it can also reflect the emotional and physical importance mental and spiritual of himself.

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