Meaning of Dreaming about Antiquity

The antiques in our dreams often represent elements of our past experience, which would be worth keeping. However, it is necessary to carefully determine if something that seems particularly old in the dream, indeed it is, the meaning may be ambiguous, we need to determine if what appears in the dream has survived beyond its normal lifespan or has been attributed a special meaning due to its antiquity.

Old things when we dream, we are feeling the past and perhaps necessary that we draw from there some sort of knowledge that might be in need to achieve progress or resolve any situation in day today.

Traditionally, antiques in dreams are an ambiguous omen, since it augurs that we will receive some unforeseen gift , donation or bequest, but it also foreshadows that this gift will bring disputes and problems, since someone could try to take it from us.

Dreaming of an antique dealer traditionally heralds that you will very possibly receive an unexpected gift.

An antique piece of furniture in dreams usually indicates a desire to move up the social ladder.

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