Meaning of dreaming about beans

The beans, beans, string beans, broad beans, fabas or beans symbolize prosperity; in dreams they may suggest abundance , wealth and prosperity, and generally herald an increase in material goods and marital happiness. The beans also have a connotation of immortality and magical power, since they contain the potential and the manifestation of life, representing the stored potential, which we could take advantage of to achieve what we want. Traditionally, beans were providers of food and clothing, and also served as an object of exchange for barter. Storing beans in a dream can be an indicator of fear of failure or lack of confidence in our own abilities to carry a goal to fruition.

What does it mean to dream of beans?

Find by chance during sleep usually indicates that there is concern about the poor economic situation of others, and there might be some interest in participating in works of charity. To dream that we eat them, can mean that we must be careful with those who talk about us behind our backs , but it can also be a harbinger of fights , diseases , litigation and violence . The context is always important, but beans in dreams can also be an announcement of fights, criticism and slander from people who work for you.

For a man who dreams of beans , this is usually a symbol of his vital energy, while, for a woman, this is usually a symbol of his fertility. And, as such it should be interpreted taking into account the context and other symbols in the dream. In general, if the dream is a pleasant experience, it could suggest that our love life is important to achieve happiness and well-being. Green or red beans in dreams also tend to predict a possible marriage , but, for those who are not looking for it, it can be an announcement of upcoming joys in their life. Dream About White Beans On the other hand, it can predict big problems to come. Seeing a single bean in dreams is generally an indication of dissatisfaction or unhappiness with work , it is also possible that we need to finish a long-established goal.

According to ancient dream oracles from Egyptian times, these types of dreams are connected with growth and spirituality, and often represent inner potential. On the other hand, for the Persians, eating beans in our dreams was a sign of concern for arguments in life. The beans were the food that the Greeks sent to the dead and offered to Demeter, the mother goddess or Greek goddess of agriculture; but, it was also what they dedicated to Persephone, wife of Pluto and queen of the underworld for six months. As a result of this Greek tradition, beans in dreams also take on a negative meaning of discord and family arguments. And, in certain cases, seeing legumes, peas or beans during sleep can be a harbinger of minor annoyances and minor problems. It might be important to remember what the image was associated with in the dream; for example, a soup often indicates a cloudy perspective or an unclear vision .

Some traditions gave a negative meaning to dreaming about beans , and, in fact, some classified it as a nightmare; Watching them grow was usually an indication of worries and illnesses in children; Seeing dried beans signified disappointment in worldly affairs, and was a warning against the spread of contagious diseases. If eaten during sleep, it used to imply the misfortune or illness of a friend .

Meaning of dreaming planting beans

To dream that we plant beans suggests that we have faith in the future, and the desire to build something useful. To dream that we are planting beans commonly means that we will overcome some obstacles in our life. If in the dream we see beans that grow from the ground, it is generally a good sign, and it augurs that we will not have money problems . Dreaming of a bean plant in bloom is generally a good omen, and it usually predicts that some wish will come true.

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